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I have this vintage guitar that I put up for bid on Ebay for some ridiculous amount (I really didn’t want to sell it so I set the price really high). The guitar has ties to the Duke Ellington Band and also to Django Reinhardt. For those of you don’t know who Django Reinhardt is – He is pretty much as popular in France as Elvis was in the United States. I received a lot of new information regarding my guitar, it was incredible. I then receive this note from a guy in Paris, France claiming to be the director at the “Cite de la Musique” (a museum / venue that holds shows, displays, festivals, etc). The guy asks me if I would be interested in allowing the guitar to be displayed for 3 months in their “Django Reinhardt” Swing Festival (which was going to take place in about 11 months). He said that they would pay for the shipping, and it would be insured, etc. My response was that I certainly would not ship this valuable guitar to a stranger, and never see the guitar again. We went back and forth, back and forth until finally I said “I will do it if you pay for 2 tickets to Paris, France, hotel for 5 nights, and a daily perdium (both there and to pick up the guitar when the festival is over). Let’s see what he can do with that counter offer. If he says yes, I guess that my wife and I are going to France for free. Good be a great opportunity for us, right. I do not hear back from this guy for over 4 months, and all of a sudden I get an email stating that they will accept my offer and provide me with what I have requested. The offer was for everything I asked for plus over $100,000 of insurance for the guitar, so I agreed to the deal. I really thought that this was great news. But, as it turns out they were in fact going to give me 2 plane tickets to France, but the second ticket was for the guitar. What? Really? Seriously? After discussing this with my wife, it turns out she really didn’t want to go any way so I ended up going solo – just me and my vintage guitar. It was awesome to visit France and see all that stuff, but not quite so fun being alone on the trip. I had problems eating the food there, and speaking the language but it was a great experience getting to see the guitar on display (and I shouldn’t complain since it was a free trip). About 4 months later I got the same deal to go back and pick up the guitar. My friend from Miami wanted to go along. I actually went to London this time the first part of the trip, then spent the last 4 days in Paris (but that is another story). The guitar made it back to the US safely, and it turned out to be a great experience. If you want to see more of this guitar, or are interested in the more detailed story go to

Django Swing 2 Mona Lisa

A day in Paris France Notre Dame Church 1 Cite de la Musique


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