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TTCM “Texting, Talking, Checking Mail”

Release date: 03-Jun-2013

Label: BrothersP Productions

We thought our next song and video should be a little lighter and fun. So we put together TTCM (Talking Texting and Checking Mail). Added a country flavor to it and we think it turned out pretty good. The song was actually written in the car on our way back from Florida visiting our mother. I know, such good boys! It was a 13 hour drive and Gary refused to let me drive but he still wanted me to stay awake to keep him awake. So there was no benefit to me at all for not having to drive. Was this intentional on Gary’s part? Maybe, he definitely will not admit to it still. If you have ever had to take a long drive like this you know the term “punch drunk” first hand. So as the lyrics were coming out we couldn’t help but laugh the whole trip. I don’t think at the time we actually thought we’d write music to it. But we did and the result is a fun, upbeat, country tune.

I hope you have as much fun listening to the song and watching the video as we did writing and producing it.

Texting, Talking, Checking Mail – Click Here for Lyrics


Album Reviews

Chuck Taylor / Reviews Editor

The BrothersP deliver a sunny side up rollick in their foot-stompin’ ode to modern tech times, “Texting, Talking, Checking Mail.” The uptempo, piano-driven country anthem dials up a universally identifiable lyric about face-to-face interactions being hijacked by the momentum of mobile—where everything except real live conversation is par for the course. Written by bros Gary & Michael Petrin and sung with playful panache by Lee Blasingame, “TTCM’s” accompanying video clip is all the more fun, with an ill-fated date (or not?) that’s rapt with apps. Playful, cunning—and yet frighteningly true to life—this is one song you’re going to want to “Share.”

Entertainment journalist Chuck Taylor worked for more than a decade at Billboard magazine as a Senior Editor/Writer and Single Reviews Editor.

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The BrothersP are on the scene with a brand new single, Texting, Talking, Checking Mail (TTCM) – this date was an epic fail. The tune is a cheerful blend of country, pop and old school rock and roll with a 50s vibe. Think Jerry Lee Lewis! Even though the music is pleasant, well produced and well executed, the true star under the spotlight here is definitely the humorous and witty vibe of the lyrics. The funny thing is that the tragicomic tale of somebody (boy or girl) going on a date with someone spending half of their time on a smartphone is not too far-fetched. In fact, I am sure many of us have been there at some point! The video to the song walks through the lyrics in a catchy and funny way, without recurring to platitudes or vulgarity. Plus the happy ending is also pretty cool.