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Where Are the Kings

Release date: 25-Aug-2012

Label: BrothersP Productions

Where Are the Kings represents all the frustration and despair that is going on in this country.   Politicians need to hear the voices of the American people who are suffering through these difficult times. The homeless don’t care who the President of the United States is.   The unemployed don’t care if there is a republican or democrat in charge. Politicians point fingers at each other but no one takes responsibility. Politicians don’t want to recognize what the problem is and work on a resolution; they just want to keep blaming everyone else. Meanwhile for the homeless, the unemployed and all who are struggling just to survive the day there is no hope, no light within the darkness. “Where Are the Kings that will make that choice to do what is right and hear our voice?”

Not originally intended to be a rap song, it was decided by Gary and Michael to fuse rap with rock to make the message not only appeal to a wider audience but to act as a metaphor that as different styles of music can work together so can people with different backgrounds come together and unite in compassion for their fellow man.

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