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“This Christmas”

Looking for Something fresh this year for Christmas. Check out our newest release “This Christmas” feat. John Paul Harrell on vocals. The song was written and produced by Gary and Michael Petrin. This year has been a rough one for everyone it seems so we hope that this song brings some joy and happiness to you and your families during the holiday season.



BrothersP Music Store

Texting, Talking, Checking Mail

We thought our next song and video should be a little lighter and fun. So we put together TTCM (Talking Texting and Checking Mail). Added a country flavor to it and we think it turned out pretty good. The song was actually written in the car on our way back from Florida visiting our mother. We hope you have as much fun listening to the song and watching the video as we did writing and producing it.


BrothersP Music Store

Where are the Kings?

Not originally intended to be a rap song, it was decided by Michael and Gary to fuse rap with rock to make the message not only appeal to a wider audience but to act as a metaphor that as different styles of music can work together so can people with different backgrounds come together and unite in compassion for their fellow man.

We Matter

Check out one of our newest songs “We Matter” – It is a change of pace for us but we feel good about how this project turned out. We learned a lot about this genre of music and more ideas that we will share soon. I Matter, You Matter, We Matter. Very simple, yet very powerful words.

Funked Up Funk

Just a clip of old school melodic funky electronic music. If you like Funk, check out our Electronic version – Lots of hooks and Funk overtones. 


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