“Dreams I’ll Never See” an Allman Brothers song that Molly Hatchet re-recorded, was and probably still is, our favorite song. When we were beginning to play music seriously, (actually getting paid for playing), one of our earlier gigs took us to a small town in Georgia which happened to be the hometown of Danny Joe Brown, the lead singer of Molly Hatchet.

After one of our sets, members from a local band sat and talked with us. One of them said that they liked our rendition of “Dreams” by Molly Hatchet and that Danny Joe Brown frequents this bar. We thought that was awesome and never gave it another thought.

The next night someone walked over to us and said that Danny Joe Brown was here in the bar and that Danny Joe would like to talk to us.  We walked over to the section of the bar where there were a few video game machines. Danny Joe Brown was sitting at one of them, I remember it was Space invaders, don’t ask how I remember that. He turned to us and shook our hands and said it was nice to meet us.

The one thing that I know I’ll never forget was what he said next.

“Your version of Dreams is really good mind if I sit in on it when you play it tonight?”

Like we would say no! 

Not many people can say they shared the stage with someone that was responsible for motivating and inspiring them to pursue their dream.  But we can!

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