My youngest daughter announced that she was going to get married and the wedding would take place in just 2 months. So I did what any loving father would do, support her, and help her have a wedding that would be memorable. Being a musician, I needed to find something that would actually be memorable, something that she would find awesome and appreciate. So I decided to do a Rap video. I called up my brother Mike to help with the lyrics, found a beat, and wrote the song. I also asked Mike to assist with the video, which he did. The day of the video shoot, we could not stop laughing and had a great time. When the time came to play the video, I was very nervous about it. I wasn’t sure how she would react. I had a dream the night before that I played the video, and my daughter ran up to me, threw her bouquet at me and said “you ruined everything.” But I was positive that she would like it so I had the DJ ask the bride and groom, all my daughters and my wife e to stand on the dance floor. I made a small speech to the bride and groom, saying something to the effect of “It’s very hard for me to express my love to you, I start to get all choked up, so I made you this little video” and pressed play.

Everyone appeared to like the video, but my daughter really liked it, and that’s what counted the most. I received a lot of positive comments, but the most memorable was hearing “A fathers love has no bounds.” Which turned out to be right on point…

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