Gary Petrin Bio

Gary was born in Biddeford Maine, lived in Miami, Florida through his junior year of High School. He moved back to Maine for his senior year and graduated from Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine.  He moved up to Maine for his senior year once Mike left for the University of Florida.  After graduation, he went back to Florida and attended college to study music.  Wanting to do some traveling Gary headed to California. “I just thought every nineteen year old wanted to do that, so off I went,” Gary says.

On his journey to California he created the  chance to see a Super Bowl game. Gary and his friend ended up sneaking in the game. “It was a great experience, and very unexpected on how easy it was to get in the game. 

After he left California he met up with Mike at his DJ job in Florida.  They started a band there, and had a great time traveling and performing.  For their first paying gig they received the door money as payment– which was a whopping $16 on Saturday and $12 on Sunday.  Gary decided at that moment, after receiving $28 for two night’s work that this is what he wanted to do the rest of his life.

He eventually went on the road and traveled all over the country.  He remembers starting off as a “Southern Rock” band but after a while music agents that were booking the band convinced them to commit to the “Lounge Lizard” circuit.   Gary shares a thought, “I guess we sold out for the money.”  He recalls many crazy experiences on the road and tons of vehicle problems. “Our bus was always breaking down, and we spent most of our money on repairs.”  After a while the “Lounge Lizard” scene became very boring and they ended up getting off the road for good.

gary petrin bio

Current Information about Gary

Gary has an awesome wife, and 4 beautiful daughters.  His three oldest daughters are married and he has 12 grandchildren.  Gary finally finished his Associates Degree. “I didn’t feel like I needed to finish my degree for myself, but I wanted to set an example for my children,” Gary states with pride.

Gary was out of music for a long time when his daughter asked him to play at her wedding.  He said no at first, but asked Mike to do it with him, which he said yes without hesitation.  He surprised his daughter at her wedding with three songs.  That was the first time his daughters or Mike’s sons ever heard them play in a band together. Thanks for checking out the Gary Petrin Bio.


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