Took a trip to San Francisco, California with my friend Ray C. in an old van that we spent 6 months fixing up. When it was finally time to leave it didn’t take long to sell it – I actually got $2000 for it (and I only paid about $600 for it). I had to buy a plane ticket, but there was something else I just had to buy while I had some cash. Every day after work I passed a music store, and they just happened to have a Les Paul sitting in the window. I stared at that thing every time I walked by it – I really wanted that guitar. I knew that if I didn’t buy this guitar right now I would never have this opportunity again (at least that was what I kept telling myself).

So I walked in the music store with cash, and asked to play the 1978 Les Paul Standard that was in the window. The salesman said that they had others in the back, but I showed him my cash and said I want to try the one in the window and he obliged. It felt great, I knew right then I was walking out of there with this guitar. Talked the salesman down to $875 (with the case), and went out the front door with it. After 40+ years I’m still playing it, and it still sounds great.

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