We were playing a two week  gig in Bainbridge, Georgia and after the first week had ended we were ready to go home for a couple of days. After the last set we packed up our guitars jumped on the bus and drove the 120 miles home. After dropping of the other band members at their homes we pulled into our yard, locked the bus up, went inside and crashed.   The next day around 2pm as we were watching TV we kept hearing  strange sounds coming from outside the house. We turned the TV down and heard someone yelling  from inside the bus.

We went outside and found a man banging and yelling from inside the bus. He was locked inside and was ready to pass out from the heat. It was about 96 degrees outside, so it was well over 100 degrees inside the bus.  When we opened the bus door he just fell out and landed face down on  the ground.  He didn’t move.

We gave him some water and asked why he was on the bus?  He went on to explain that he was drunk and wandered onto the bus while we were performing.  He passed out in the back of the bus and he just woke up.  We didn’t understand how he slept through the loud bus diesel engine noise since he was right next to the engine area in the back of the bus. He had no way of getting back home so he had to wait a few days until we went back to finish our contract.

We ran an extension cord out to the bus and gave him a fan.  We didn’t have much so he had to eat popcorn and hot dogs for two days until we left.  When we arrived in Bainbridge, this stowaway on the bus was so excited he was the first one off the bus.

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